Antenna design for UHF RFID tags: a review and a practical application” by K. V. Seshagiri Rao, Pavel V. Nikitin and Sander F. Lam, 2004:

Work on ultra high frequency RFID antenna design. Used Frequencies bands are 866-869 MHz (Europe), 902-928 MHz North and South America and 950-956 MHz most of Asia. They used a loaded meander antenna for their study about power transmission according to respective distances.First of all they distinguished design requirments into following criteria:

  • Frequency band
  • Size and Form
  • Read Range (EIRP, Object characterisitcs, orientation)
  • Application with mobility
  • Cost
  • Reliability

In order to check their design requirements they created an design process for RFID tag antenna design, which could help me in structuring my benchmark tests:

  1. Select the application and define tag requirements
  2. Determine the materials for antenna construction
  3. Determine RF impendance of packaged RFID microcontroller chip (ASIC)
  4. Identify the type of the antenna and its parameters
  5. Perform parametric study and optimization
  6. Build and measure prototypes
  7. Design requirements met? – No (back to 5.); Yes (Design is ready!)